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Kris J. Zaragoza (kjz at said:
> I thought some of you might be interested in Dan Shafer's latest piece
> on Builder.Com.  It's a nice bit of PR for Python and might raise its
> visibility a little more in the Web app development world.  You can find
> the piece at:

I just hopped over to C|Net and read the article as well -- as the 
ensuing religious war (Python vs. Perl vs. TCL vs. PHP vs. blah-blah-
blah).  It was....  amusing.  

Some unanswered issues have been raised that could use some input from 
some experienced Python developers.  Also, some comments from someone
who's used both Perl and Python would be welcome (only one such reader
has chimed in to date).

For instance (off the top of my head):

 - the value of Object Orientation in a scripting language
 - ISPs supporting Python and/or Zope
 - specific examples of Python/Zope-implemented applications
 - viability/ease of database access from Python

Dan paints a nice picture of Python, but the discussion needs some input 
from some experienced Python folks (Andrew? Tim? Barry? Fred? Anyone?).

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