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Sun Aug 15 04:33:19 EDT 1999

Dan wrote:
> Hi M.-A. Lemburg,
> >Does the driver expose the ODBC API in a way that allows you to
> >link against it ? If yes, then you could try to create a new
> >subpackage for mxODBC (see my Python Pages for more infos).
> Yes it does.  I initially did not think that it did, a co-worker had
> installed the ODBC package and when I asked him he said that no source
> files were included.  Your message got me thinking and checking and yes
> there were files and libraries.
> When I get this working I will let you know and make the project source
> available.

Great :-) What database are you interfacing to ? If you can, you
should link against the ODBC manager if available. This gives you
more flexibility later on and would also make the interface useable
with other ODBC software for Macs.

If you need any help, feel free to ask me. Instructions for
creating a new subpackage are included in the mxODBC docs; it's
basically very simple: you just create a new subdir, then
copy everything from the mxODBC subdir into the new dir and
start editing the files.

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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