Context-sensitive help for IDLE.

Henning Schroeder hschroeder at
Sat Aug 7 21:36:04 CEST 1999

Hi there!

I added context-sensitive help to IDLE. Don't expect perfect code but it works.
You just have to press F2 in the editor window und Netscape Navigator shows the
documentation for the word under your cursor. Besides the help-menu has two new
entries: Language Reference and Python Tutorial.

If you are interested download the extension from
The archive also contains the latest IDLE version from David Asher's daily
cvs-snapshots. The following files belong to the extension:
You can also use these files with an older version of IDLE.

Maybe you have to edit in order to change the doc-path. The first 
time you press F2, an index file (pyhelp.idx) of the keywords will be created -
so keep patient.


ich at  *

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