MySQL module crashes

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Fri Aug 13 14:14:54 EDT 1999

Actually, I had a similar problem when trying to use MySQL with a Java
App Server. Apparently, The JDBC driver is completely solid. The other
drivers seem to be of varying degrees of usefulness...

In article <37B2F23A.7E084E5C at>,
  Arne Mueller <a.mueller at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've just installed MySQL 1.4, mysql 3.22.25 and python 1.5.2b2
> Unfortunately python coredumps :-(
> mueller at jumbo:~/src/Python-1.5.2b2> python
> Python 1.5.2b2 (#17, Aug 12 1999, 16:53:47) [C] on irix6
> Copyright 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
> python> import MySQL
> Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread
> Abort (core dumped)
> I'm runniing irix 6.5 on R5000/10000. Does anybody have any
> experience with mysql module in the above version combination?
> In general I've no problems with threads in python.
> 	thanks for help,
> 	Arne

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