Enough [Was Re: Why use Perl when we've got Python?!]

Tom Christiansen tchrist at mox.perl.com
Sat Aug 14 18:33:30 CEST 1999

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In comp.lang.python, gmcm at hypernet.com writes:
:John W. Stevens wrote:
:[ crap deleted ]
:Whatever your contributions to the python community, you're now in my 
:killfile, along with a handful of pl hotheads who do the same to us.

That man, along with Ian Clarke, have stirred up the biggest flame war
in the Perl newsgroup that we're seen for a long time, inflicting their
standard overrighteous prattle on us.  I realize that they aren't truly
representative of Python people in general: several others have been
entirely reasonable and educative.  I'm not sure hoter users realize
this, however.

On that killfiling issue, I just hope you're still around when I have
Python questions. :-)

    : The ksh scripts do not have a problem with it. 
    That's because ksh doesn't much mind opening up security holes.  The
    absence of taint checks is not exactly a feature.
	    Larry Wall in <1994Dec15.013044.16127 at netlabs.com>

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