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Phil Hunt philh at
Sun Aug 8 14:31:22 CEST 1999

In article <37AA804D.9A1317C0 at> nhead at "Nigel Head" writes:
> There's no licence statement in the distribution at all for now --
> my intention is that anyone can use the contents anyway they want,
> for non-commercial purposes, providing they keep a reference to the
> original source. Oh yes, and I can't take any responsibility for errors.
> Perhaps one of you experienced people can offer some quick advice as to what I
> need to do -- do I need to just add a licence.txt file or must I add a header
> to every file? What standard text can I use? Is my intent compatible with the
> GPL?

No. The GPL allows anyone to use the software, for commercial or
non-commercial purposes. However, if they distribute the software, 
they must include all source code, including all source code they
write which is linked to the software.

The license that you want is something like the BSD license except that
it forbids commercial use.

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