ANN: PIL 1.0 final

Laurent POINTAL pointal at
Fri Aug 6 08:57:01 EDT 1999

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999 09:17:24 GMT, "PythonWare" <info at>

>: The Python Imaging Library (PIL) adds image processing capabilities
>: to your Python interpreter. This library supports many file formats,
>: and provides powerful image processing and graphics capabilities.
>: PIL 1.0 final is now available from:

Yes, but the PIL link on this page gives me:

You don't have permission to access this URL on this server. The
reason for this might be some of the following:

  It has been locked out due to regulation violation (one or more
rules for Algonet has been ignored).
  It's locked out by the webmaster by some other reason.
  You have submitted the wrong URL (the correct URL to Algonet is
  The administrator/owner of the file has locked it out for some

It might also be wrong permissions on the file you're trying to reach.
The administrator of the page and/or filename should issue the

chmod 755 filename.html make it world readable.

If you have any questions, please leave a message to me.

/Algonet Webmaster



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