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Sat Aug 21 05:16:28 EDT 1999

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> Phil Hunt wrote:
> > 
> > Can anyone recommend a good book or website that explains how Tk does
> > its geometry management (the grid, pack etc managers)?
> Do you mean the low level nuts and bolts, or just how to use the
> managers effectively?

I want to know enough to write a Python/tkinter backend for my
Parrot GUI builder. So I'd guess I'd need to know some of the nuts 
and bolts.

> Many of the concepts are similar to Java, so any of the Java GUI
> tutorials might be useful,

Ah yes, Java's GridBagLayout widget. It was this, and IBM's
Visual Age visual composition tool, that provided the main 
inspiration for Parrot -- on  the grounds that ``there must be
a better way than this''.

> As far as tkinter, read the life preserver, Fredrik Lundh's in progress
> work, and the code in the Demo and Tools packages. Mostly, I'm afraid,
> read between the lines, and experiment.  

Is the Lif Preserver still useful? Lundh's _An Introduction to
Tkinter_ says it's a replacement for it.

But you're right -- experimentation will no doubt be necessary.

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