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On 30 Aug 1999 10:04:44 +0200, Stephan Houben
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>"Jacques Oosthuizen" <jacques at> writes:
>>We are looking at a multiplatform scripting language. So far python
>>looks the best , any comments.
>Well, it satisfies the whole list of requirements you posted. ;-)
>(But then again, so does INTERCAL.)
>Seriously, without some more context, this question is meaningless.
>P.S. Is Turing-completeness perhaps of any importance?

Python isn't Turing-complete, right?  

Python seems pretty good in many ways; without more precise
specifications of requirements, it is indeed difficult to assess the
preferability of any given language.

- Python appears pretty easy to embed, as well as easy to embed C code

- Perl is probably more popular, and has vast libraries of "modules,"
  possibly more than are available for Python, but the schemes for
  embedding compiled code into Perl and vice-versa seem somewhat more

- TCL was designed with inter-embeddability in mind, so it might be a
  not-outrageous choice.

- There are Scheme implementations designed with embedding in mind too.
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