Problem when using FileDialog from PMW Dialog. Quick fixes?

Chad Netzer chad at
Thu Aug 12 04:11:56 CEST 1999

Chad Netzer wrote:

> Before I pursue this further, can anyone tell me if it is even worth
> trying?  It is nice to use the canned FileDialog, but its implementation
> is somewhat crufty (IMHO) and I can probably work around it in other
> ways (Creating my own FileDialog from PMW widgets is a nice possibility.

Yet another reply to my own post.  After this last message, I said "What
the hell",
and converted the from the standard Python Tkinter
to use PMW dialogs.  It took about half an hour :)  Damn I love this

I'm on a bit of a deadline so I hadn't thought to devote time to this
originally, but
it was quick, easy, the result looks nicer, and it WORKS.  I'll post it
sometime later, and hopefully reorganize it to fit the general PMW scheme
organizing objects, then submit it for inclusion.

Anyway, I'd still like to hear an answer to my original query, but for now,
it is
academic (for me).

chad at

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