lambda fun: infinite streams

Alexander Williams thantos at brimstone.mecha
Sun Aug 8 22:54:18 EDT 1999

On 08 Aug 1999 15:42:03 +0200, Magnus L. Hetland <mlh at> wrote:
>Well... You could make one yourself...

True, but it wouldn't have the speed of the built-in map implimented
in C, would it?  :)

(Yes, longing for such things is left over from tinkering with
Haskell; there are so many algorithms that fall to simple expression
applied to Streams and lazy-evaluation.)

>def mapStream(f,s):
>    return (apply(f,[head(s)]),
>           lambda f=f, s=s: mapStream(f,tail(s)))

Hmmmmm, that should certainly work ...

I'm tempted to try and get Stackless Python working with this just to
see what kind of interaction it'd have.

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