Wrappers to FreeType

Robert Kern kernr at mail.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Aug 18 02:45:16 CEST 1999

I am in the middle (well, nearer to the end) of SWIGging the FreeType
library <URL: http://www.freetype.org>.  FreeType is an Open Source
(with an almost Python-style licence) library for rendering Truetype
fonts onto bitmaps (or pixmaps).

My questions are:

  * Is anyone else interested in this?

  * Would they (if they, indeed, do exist) mind requiring Numeric to 
    provide the arrays that the engine rasters into?  SWIG provides
    the ability to make the necessary arrays, but accessing them from
    Python is slow.  Rastering into a Numeric array would instantly 
    provide the data to Python (and Python-level interaction with PIL
    is fast, too).

  * Since interaction with PIL at the C level would be great and I
    don't know squat about how to make that happen, would anyone care
    to contribute code (or pointers) for that?

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