ANNOUNCE: wxPython 2.1b2

Robin Dunn robin at
Mon Aug 9 21:53:57 CEST 1999

wxPython 2.1b2

wxPython is an extension module for Python that wraps the wxWindows cross
platform GUI library, and is quickly becoming a very popular alternative to
Tkinter and PythonWin. This extension module attempts to mirror the class
hierarchy of wxWindows as closely as possible and is very versatile. It can
be used to create standalone GUI applications, or can be used in in
situations where Python is embedded in a wxWindows C++ application as an
internal scripting or macro language. Currently supported GUIs are Win32 and

Changes in this version:

Added the missing wxWindow.GetUpdateRegion() method.

Made a new change in SWIG that provides a fix for global shadow
objects that get an exception in their __del__ when their
extension module has already been deleted. It was only a 1 line
change in .../SWIG/Modules/pycpp.cxx at about line 496 if you want
to do it by hand.

It is now possible to run through MainLoop more than once in any one
process.  The cleanup that used to happen as MainLoop completed (and
prevented it from running again) has been delayed until the wxc module
is being unloaded by Python.

I fixed a bunch of stuff in the C++ version of wxGrid so it wouldn't
make wxPython look bad.

wxWindow.PopupMenu() now takes a wxPoint instead of  x,y.  Added
wxWindow.PopupMenuXY to be consistent with some other methods.

Added wxGrid.SetEditInPlace and wxGrid.GetEditInPlace.

You can now provide your own app.MainLoop method.  See
wxPython/demo/ for an example and some explaination.

Got the in-place-edit for the wxTreeCtrl fixed and added some demo
code to show how to use it.

Put the wxIcon constructor back in for GTK as it now has one that
matches MSW's.

Added wxGrid.GetCells

Added wxSystemSettings static methods as functions with names like

Removed wxPyMenu since using menu callbacks have been depreciated in
wxWindows.  Use wxMenu and events instead.

Added alternate wxBitmap constructor (for MSW only) as
      wxBitmapFromData(data, type, width, height, depth = 1)

Added a helper function named wxPyTypeCast that can convert shadow
objects of one type into shadow objects of another type.  (Like doing
a down-cast.)  See the implementation in for some docs.

Fixed wxImage GetData and SetData to properly use String objects for
data transfer.

Added access methods to wxGridEvent.

New Makefile/Setup files supporting multiple dynamic extension modules
for unix systems.

Fixes for the wxGLCanvas demo to work around a strange bug in gtk.

SWIG support routines now compiled separately instead of being bundled
in wx.cpp.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
robin at  Check it out!

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