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Preston Landers mithy at
Thu Aug 5 19:20:26 CEST 1999

 Hello everyone....

I'm thinking of writing a Python program to download email from
web-based services such as Yahoo mail, Deja, Hotmail, and so on, and
deliever the mail in a format that standard unix mailers can use.

I'm posting here to make sure that this work has not already been done.
If someone has already seen a program like this, that can be adapted for
a variety of web based email services, please let me know.  I'm not
writing this as a learning exercise,  I just need the tool. ;-)

My idea was to have a nice two-level effect with a path running down the
middle... no wait, I meant, a two-level effect with the higher level
handling the actual delievery of the mail and a variety of modules to
handle the quirks of each particular mail service.

If I get something coded up, I'll be sure to post here about it.  Just
wondering if somebody's already attempted this.



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