Wacky Programming Tales (Was Re: Why use Perl when we've got Python?!)

Abigail abigail at delanet.com
Sun Aug 15 15:38:12 CEST 1999

Brad Howes (bradh at mediaone.net) wrote on MMCLXXV September MCMXCIII in
<URL:news:wjy7lmxbwh7.fsf_-_ at bradh.ne.mediaone.net>:
&& Hey! I actually worked on a project where someone did this! Also in their
&& funky include file was
&&   #define AND &&
&&   #define OR  ||
&& It was the most bizarre thing I ever saw -- not so much the include file,
&& but the resulting code. As if a Pascal moths had come in, eaten at some
&& code and left little Wirth fragments sprinkled around. Has anyone else
&& encountered such strange programming behavior?

Well, uhm, yeah. I once wrote a C program implementing red-black trees
that almost read like English. Except for parens and the one #include
line, no punctuation chars where needed. It had things like:

      if (I am red and my uncle is black)
      we do   ....

Unfortunally, that code didn't survive an extreme quota regime.

perl -MNet::Dict -we '(Net::Dict -> new (server => "dict.org")
                       -> define ("foldoc", "perl")) [0] -> print'

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