Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

Jon Peterson jpeterson at office.colt.net
Mon Aug 23 11:40:44 EDT 1999

In comp.lang.perl.misc Abigail <abigail at delanet.com> wrote:
> xah (xah at weborder.com) wrote on MMCLXXXIII September MCMXCIII in
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> "" 
> "" a bit. Their one-language ideology taints our programing world. If you
> "" wonder why so many languages uses weird syntax (e.g. python, dylan, lisp,
> "" haskell, mercury, mathematica ...ad nausea), you have these guys to thank
> "" to.

> Yeah, those math texts from the 16th and 17th century, they are sooooo easy
> to read, because they lack all the symbols. Not to mention the original
> Euclid and those other Greeks, who had no symbols at all!

> "" hope that Larry and Tom's teachings will eventually make such subjects
> "" disappear for good.

> Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahaha.

Ummmmmmm.... Maybe it's just me but I think Xah was being sarcastic.....

His point being that the restrictions and formalities of, say, Python are
better than the freedoms of, say, Perl, in the same way that the restrictions
and formalities of mathematical notation are better than the freedom of
expression available in plain English.

A glance at Xah's web site indicates that he is not a lover of Perl, and he
is a lover of Mathematics...


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