Kudos to documentors: (popen2)

Robb Shecter shecter at darmstadt.gmd.de
Thu Aug 19 07:55:46 EDT 1999


I needed to do some system programming, and at first tried to use
Perl.  Although I've used Perl for years, this documentation page
forced me to give Python a try for it:


(Just notice how much is implicit, and not documented, and with no
links to other needed info.)

I soon found then:


...and in less time than I had wasted with Perl, I was up and running
although I'm relatively new to Python.  The only problem I had at
first (being used to Javadoc) is that the types of the return values
from popen2() weren't explicitly stated, nor were there links to the
docs for them.  But then I just stareted up a Python interpreter, made
a popen2 call, and checked out what I got back.  Not too bad.


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