A Plea For A Return To Sanity!!!

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Sat Aug 28 10:05:36 CEST 1999

[Bit Nik]
> I just recently joined this newsgroup/mailinglist and I missed
> out a lot on the previous flame war (lucky me!).

You can relive it in all its dubious glory, at http://www.deja.com/.

> And I certainly don't want to stroke the coals and recreate the
> flame, but i'm very curious /how/ is Python lacking in
> documentation?

It doesn't come in everyone's favorite format.

> This seems to be the major argument against it right?

Doubt it, but it was *an* argument that got an unreasonable amount of

> Also, who are these Python biggots people are always talking
> about??

They're more visible on comp.lang.perl.misc, although I'm not sure the Python
community would claim them as their own.  Still, pay your dues to the PSA, and
Guido will give you an alibi if you're ever up on felony charges <wink>.

> ...
> No doubt perl has a lot of cool things going for it too,

It does.

> the perl module collection is unbeatable,

It's certainly large <wink>.

> perl has excellent user support even though there are a few perl
> biggots.

You're certainly more likely to get flamed on c.l.p.m. for asking a "dumb
question", although that's seasonal or something -- it's not always that way,
and most often isn't.

> Most perlers I have met are a preaty logical bunch,

Then you'll find Python a great relief!  Logic doesn't impress anyone here;
paying your PSA dues is all that counts.

> and the perl mongers are on their way to certain world domination.

If *that's* not a sure sign of the beginning of the end, I've lived 300 years
in vain <wink>.

> Another quick question, are there such things as PUGs? (Python User
> Groups). I couldn't find any information on python.org...

SIGs -- Special Interest Groups.  Check the "Community" and "PSA" links -- and
sign up for the PSA while you're there.

python-folk-are-the-best-buddies-psu-dues-can-buy-ly y'rs  - tim

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