Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

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Factory wrote:
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> > [snip amusing rant]
> > >Yeah, those math texts from the 16th and 17th century, they are sooooo easy
> > >to read, because they lack all the symbols. Not to mention the original
> > >Euclid and those other Greeks, who had no symbols at all!
> >
> > <GRIN>
> > Oh, but they're written with only symbols!  All those confusing greek symbols
> > that mathematicians use are the basic building blocks for the language!  Why
> > didn't they just use English?
> > </GRIN>
>   Hmm that might be a bit off, the anchient Greeks had no concept of
> variables, thus you would never see f(x)= 2y in any old greek
> mathematics. IIRC variables were discovered(?) by Al-Jabar sometime
> after.

Correct by my memory (whence came Algebra).

>   Thus the Greeks certainly did not use symbols, and it held back
> mathematics. Not that this applies to python vs. perl.

Which of course has no real relation to c.l.python ;-)

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