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>>If you link against a GPLed product (even if it's done dynamically!),
>>the whole construction (your product + the GPLed one) automatically
>>fall under the GPL. This means that you can still sell and distribute
>>your product, but only if you include the full source code of
>>the GPLed product
>>*plus* your product.
>Oh dear; I wrote this extension called dll for Tcl that allows tcl code
>to link to arbitrary dll's. The source code for the extension is
>available. Must I distribute source for all known GPL'd products which
>can be linked to tcl using this extension. As it happens this thing is
>mostly used by win32ers, but it has run under Linux.

IANAL, but I believe that it's only distribution of a package that
triggers these clauses.  Thus, as long as you only distribute your own
code, you are only responsible for your license plus the licenses of
whatever packages you *need* in order for your package to be used; you
are not responsible for downstream uses of your package.
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