More random python observations from a perl programmer

Jeff Blaine jblaine at
Fri Aug 20 20:06:45 CEST 1999

>It's a shame that so many of you should be so unbelievably harsh on me
>when *I'm* the one who with malice toward none and full of revulsion
>at the flames causes by *YOUR* community's ignorant attacks on mine,
>that *I* made the honest effort to learn *YOUR* language, and that I

I can understand your frustration, but also kinda feel you did your share
of stooping to the flamewar mentality of one-off flippant responses to
fuel this thread's more fired-up posts.

>furthermore for your benefit not my own then took the additonal trouble
>to write-up my experiences and observations gleaned while five hundred
>miles away from the nearest tree or internet link.

I doubt a Python ambassador doing the same as you did and then heading over
to comp.lang.perl.misc would have been met any more kindly.  I personally
think a disclaimer-ish statement at the top of your posting which explained
what the POINT of your posting was would have helped drastically.

But that doesn't make things right, and I for one was pretty stunned at a
lot of the responses generated by the Pythoners in this newsgroup.  I had
never seen such hostility in this newsgroup before.  But Tom, you definitely
appear to be focusing on the half of the people who got pissy.  Many people
stated they were thankful, glad, whatever and many others took their
precious time (just like yours) to go through your list and try to clear
some items up, let you know that there was work being done on XYZ, or flat out
tell you "Yes, foo in Python sucks."

>But no, that's not it.  It's just Usenet, the place where condescension,
>conceit, and cruelty all come far too easily.  The more the pissier,

That has definitely not been my experience in *this* newsgroup in the
last 2 years.  Many others, but not this one.

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