Larry's and Guido's REAL sigs

aaron_watters at aaron_watters at
Sat Aug 28 20:32:30 EDT 1999

At the ORA Open Source Conference I got
Mark Lutz and David Ascher to sign their
"Learning Python", but for fun I also got
Tom Christiansen, Larry Wall, and Guido
van Rossum to sign it too.

If you want to get the other sigs you'll
have to visit me or buy the book from me
(at a highly inflated price) but I make
public the page that Guido and Larry signed:

enjoy!  -- Aaron Watters


How many Mac developers does it take to
change a lightbulb?
One.  she holds the bulb up and expects
the universe to revolve around her.
   --Guy Kawasaki (former chief Apple Evangelist)

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