RPM for Python 1.5.2 ?

Janne Sinkkonen janne at nnets.fi
Tue Aug 24 03:54:19 EDT 1999

amitp at Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Amit Patel) writes:

> For normal use I don't use Tkinter so it's not affecting me.  All I
> wanted to do with Tkinter was to try out IDLE.. :) I'm quite happy
> with Oliver's RPMs.. it's much more convenient than asking everyone at
> work to compile Python 1.5.2 on their system. :)

BTW, you need to edit the netcfg script of RH (5.2 or 6.0) to get it
to work with 1.5.2. That's easy though, just adding '=None' to two
function arguments (which are not originally keyword arguments but are
preceded by keyword arfuments).

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