Making A Standalone Executable Under Windows NT/95/98

Alex Maranda amaranda at
Wed Aug 25 15:29:17 CEST 1999

jhomme.. wrote:
> Is this possible?  If so, How?
I never tried it but it should doable. You'll have to use 'freeze' of
course, but the compliling and Makefile part's going to be tricky. And
it depends on which compiler you're using.

If you have VC++:
Python on Windoze is built with VC++. You'll need to get freeze from the
source package. Provided that (big if) freeze generates a nmake
compatible makefile, you'll only need to have the env vars for VC++ set
(I remember there is a .BAT named vcvars32 which appends them to
AUTOEXEC.BAT). Of course the CygWin user tools (bash, ls...) are highly
recommended, unless you want to put up with the DOS shell. After you
freeze your app the usual way, I guess it's just a matter of invoking
nmake on the generated makefile. If freeze doesn't know the nmake format
and it generates a Unix-style makefile, then good luck, you'll have to
convert it manually.

If you have CygWin/Mingw32:
Well, you have the whole GNU tool-chain, more or less; the process
should be similar with what you do on Unix. Except that the .OBJ formats
are not compatible between VC++ and GNU, so you can't use the stock lib
from the binary distro of Python, you'll have to rebuild it from source.
I don't know if this is supported.

If you figure it out, please let me know, I'll want to do it myself in
the near future (cosmic grief).

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