Uglliness scale: Python <<< awk << p*** < SNOBOL4

Alex Maranda amaranda at
Tue Aug 17 05:20:15 EDT 1999

Tim Peters wrote:
> While I'm tickled by the image, nothing is like SNOBOL4 -- not even its
> modern successor, Icon.  SNOBOL4 was unique, and is still the Best Language
> on Earth for writing string pattern-matching algorithms.
> > ...
> > Did-anyone-we-know-write-a-SNOBOL4-mode-for-the-IBM-026-keypunch?-ly
> > yours,
> yes-but-it-was-in-fortran2-and-kept-blowing-the-tubes-ly y'rs  - tim
Tim, you are the longest running bot in history :-) I hope one day we
the mere humans will get a chance at reading your source code.

some-bots-are-better-than-others-ly y'rs - Alex

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