Win32 Installer - new beta

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Fri Aug 20 01:27:49 EDT 1999

Gary Herron wrote:
> Gordon McMillan wrote:
> > 
> >  A new beta (02) of the Win32 Installer package is available on
> > starship:
> Nice work! 

Thank you.

> First the suggestion, then (in case you care) the description of
> what I'd use it for.
> There appears to be two differences between Run.exe and Runw.exe:
>   (1)  Run.exe is a console app, and Runw.exe is not.
>   (2)  Run.exe cleans up all its extracted files, and Runw.exe does
>   not.
> Is there a good reason why Runw.exe does not cleanup after itself?

Sheer (stupid) oversight on my part.

I'm unburying myself from a client "emergency" (read lombotomized 
manangers assuaging existential insecurities by throwing tantrums). 

I see Thomas Heller pointed you to his version. He shipped them to me 
just about the time the "emergency" broke, so I haven't gone through 
them. I'm glad to see you've been testing them! They appear to take 
care of about half of what's been on my todo list.

- Gordon

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