PyKDE for Win ?

Moritz Moeller-Herrmann moritz at
Thu Aug 26 10:33:19 CEST 1999

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:28:13 GMT, Timothy Dixon < at> wrote:
>On 25 Aug 1999 17:55:08 GMT, kikutani at (Kikutani Makoto)

>>Looks like a ridiculous qestion, but is there any plan to
>>port PyKDE to Win world ?

>Um.... Unless I'm wrong (which has happened a nonzero number of
>times), PyKDE is bindings to the KDE Window Manager in XFree86.  Since
>KDE doesn't exist in the Windows world, what good would PyKDE do?

KDE is not a window manager. KDE is a desktop environment besed on the QT
widget set. It works with any X and on most unices.

pykde is (AFAIK) wrapping around both the qt widgets and the added KDE

As the QT widgets are cross-platform, it might not be too hard to port them to
windows (might cause licensing problems though...)
KDE on the other hand assumes a real unix operating system.

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