How to sell Python to your boss?

Petri Mikael Kuittinen eye at
Fri Aug 20 14:01:37 EDT 1999

I wrote:

 > [snip]
 > My boss
 > otherwise agreed with my idea ("it would be really useful..."), but he
 > doesn't want me to do the prototype implementation using Python. He
 > said I must use a program language that all the other programmers in
 > our R&D department understand. Well, that leaves only one choice: C
 > [snip]

Well, it looks like it is Christmas. :-)

After posting this article I talked with one of my colleagues about
the future of software development. Today he and one other colleague
went to talk with my boss about this issue and the result is that I
have been allowed use Python in this project. My boss is interested to
see what are the benefits of using Python compared to C.

Thanks everyone who suggested good ideas to sell Python!


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