Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

John W. Stevens jstevens at basho.fc.hp.com
Fri Aug 13 23:03:46 EDT 1999

> In comp.lang.perl.misc, 
>     "John W. Stevens" <jstevens at basho.fc.hp.com> writes:
> :With PCRE, I prefer Python.  I am slowly giving up Perl altogether,
> :except as a training language in OO classes.  Not to surprisingly,
> :Python is preferred more than 7 to 1 over Perl by students who are
> :exposed to both at the same time.
> I'm sure I am perfectly capable of presenting both Perl and Python
> in such a way that the students would prefer Perl by 7 to 1 as well.

Except that in your case, it would a concious attempt to influence
the outcome.

In my case, it was not.  In fact, the first four times I did this,
I was subconciously favoring Perl.  Imagine my shock. . .

> So what?

So. . . draw your own conclusions.  I've already seen how you
structured one reply.

John S.

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