problem compiling extension on Win32

Robert Kern kernr at
Wed Aug 25 20:37:01 CEST 1999

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 02:10:17 GMT, g_v_wilson at wrote:
>I am trying to build a small Python extension
>in C on Windows NT using the Microsoft 'cl'
>compiler from the command line (long story).
>Everything is working, except my attempts to
>#define USE_DL_EXPORT and then use DL_EXPORT.
>I have tried #defining the former both before
>and after #including Python.h, but DL_EXPORT's
>expansion is never correct.  Has anyone run
>into this?  If so, I'd be grateful for help...


>Please reply directly to:
> g v w i l s o n @ i n t e r l o g . c o m
>as I am not a regular reader of this group.
>p.s. anyone out there building Fortran extensions
>on Windows with G77?

Here, I can help you.  See

E-mail me if you need more specific help.

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