Which GUI-toolkit

Randall Hopper aa8vb at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 14:42:43 EDT 1999

Marc Saric:
 |Just a newbie question: I want to write a GUI-tool for a
 |FORTRAN-program-package (communication goes via input-and configuration
 |files for that program for now) and I had a look at wxWindows and
 |To me it seems that wxWindows provides a lot more prebuild highlevel
 |parts like notebooks and tree views. On the other hand Tk might be more
 |widespread, especially on UNIX (I plan to do the program for both UNIX
 |and Windows with a focus on UNIX due to the FORTRAN package).
 |Any advice to which GUI I should use??

If Tkinter and wxWindows are your candidates, I'd recommend reading the
Tkinter vs. wxPython thread from June:


A little long, but averaging it all together you'll probably get a
well-rounded perspective.


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