Why use Python when we've got Perl?

Tom Christiansen tchrist at mox.perl.com
Sat Aug 14 03:36:17 CEST 1999

Unbelievably stupid subject, eh?  I certainly thought so when it was
shoved at us.  The flame war begun in comp.lang.perl.misc isn't doing
anyone any good, and then coming over to comp.lang.python to stir up the
shock troops to send in a few commandos is even worse.  I don't think
you'd like it if we in comp.lang.perl.misc sent 100,000 script kiddies
over to comp.lang.python to rant at you guys about how K31L they though
Perl was and how L at M3 they thought Python was.  

Do you want to learn or do you want to flame?  Learn?  Really?  Ok, here's
all you have to do.  Go write a medium-sized program comprising many
hundreds of lines, broken up into several files and selectively imported,
but do so in whichever language you know the *least*.  That's the way
to learn, not though wars.  There's no way we can learn from one another
by flaming.  And there's plenty to learn.  Everyone should do this.

Please and thank you.

Anyone can be taught to sculpt.
    Michaelangleo would have had to have been taught how not to.
	The same is true of great programmers.
"36 percent of the American Public believes that boiling radioactive milk

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