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    Alexander> The problem as I see it is that the descriptive language is
    Alexander> not the primary tool: once you've generated your GUI source
    Alexander> code (eg., in Python), you're separated from the original
    Alexander> script. There's no way to re-generate the GUI framework and
    Alexander> preserving your logic -- because there is no separation here
    Alexander> between presentation and code. You assume they're be
    Alexander> intermingled.

It's doable.  OMTool (Jim Rumbaugh's work at GE CRD before leaving to join
Rational) was perfectly happy to regenerate C/C++ code skeletons the user
had already modified and get the guts put back where they belonged.

One solution here would be to have two files, one that's a GUI description
and one that's an implementation file for one of the N backend languages.
The GUI description would indicate the name of the callback function and
generate code to call it.  The definition of the callback would be in an
entirely different file.  The user should never need to edit the generated

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