A question of style

Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Aug 4 03:17:21 CEST 1999

Roy Smith wrote:

> on each page that need to access the database.  Thus, I end up
> with stuff like:
> self.page.handler.server.db.cursor()
> inside my widget class methods.  This works, but it's kind of 
> messy.  I'm thinking of giving my base widget class a cursor 
> method, which looks like:
> def cursor(self):
>    return self.page.handler.server.db.cursor()

Either that, or you could just make an alias like
dbconn = self.page.handler.server.db
and use it like this

I personally like the cursor, but I thought I'd mention 
the aliasing technique in case you had forgotten about it.

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