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Fri Aug 20 07:08:01 EDT 1999

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> comp.lang.python is not your ordinary usenet.  please read
> the comp.lang.python posting guidelines before you post more
> crap like this.  this is not comp.lang.perl.misc.

In a way it's pleasing, that Tom invests his time in Python 
usnet. It revealed to me a lot about the state of the scripting
community, which could be a motivator for a change in some parts,
and it also showed some real technical stuff.

It is a fact in real life, that programmers of some kind are
extremely occupied with their ideas. These ideas are mostly
very good. For me it was always natural to use different tools
for reaching a goal. Only if one knows about the ideas of
others, one can incorporate them.

A clash at first, is quite normal, because many experienced
pains, when they were forced to use a differnt language against
their will, or were even compelled to read someone elses
code in an alien language. 

What I personally would like now, is a usnet discussion
between Larry Wall and Guido van Rossum, and they would swear, 
not to use any flames. If that would produce enough good and 
copious pages, one could even publish it as a book, make many 
people happy, and finally make some money:-)

Regards, Per.
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