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timcollinsdeja at my-deja.com timcollinsdeja at my-deja.com
Sat Aug 7 21:24:23 EDT 1999

This may just be my windows centric way of looking at things, but I was
led to believe by the agent stuff that they were exe type files for the
agent servers that wouldn't run on windows without recompiling
(Something I want to avoid).

What I need is a agent server type of thing that allows me to write
code to use it. In other words, I'd really rather concentrate on the
agent than than the agent environment....

> There's no really good reason that the Python agent code floating
> around /can't/ run on Windows; most of the networking code will work
> regardless unless they're doing really deeply fancy things.  If they
> are, you can very likely turn one of the Distributed Object harnesses
> written in Python to your use as a means of migration.  One of the
> advantages of doing so is that agent docks needn't be limited to
> /just/ Windows or Unix but can span both transparently if you're
> shipping Python bytecode around the network.

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