Why use comp.lang.python when you've got comp.lang.perl.misc?

Tom Christiansen tchrist at mox.perl.com
Sat Aug 14 22:39:11 EDT 1999

     [courtesy cc of this posting mailed to cited author]

In comp.lang.python, 
    Les Schaffer <godzilla at netmeg.net> writes:
:hey, why should the well behaved among us have to wait for
:flame-throwers to chill out. we're here to learn about the languages
:we use. bring on your insights, brother.

It'll take me a little while to type them all in.  I have pages and
pages of longhand notes, yet to be distilled.  I'm not sure that I'll
be done in time for the Open Source conference.  It's intended as a
non-judgmental set of corresponding features/properties/attributes.

    #else /* !STDSTDIO */     /* The big, slow, and stupid way */
        --Larry Wall in str.c from the 4.0 perl source code

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