Python GUI

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Mon Aug 9 04:59:32 EDT 1999

Phil Hunt <philh at> wrote:
> I'm currently writing a generic GUI builder.

> It doesn't (and won't) have a graphical user interface, the user
> will write a user interface definition file, which will then be
> compiled by my tool into the programming language and GUI toolkit of
> your choice. A definition file might look like this:

[snip definition file example]

Why not use XML for this?

> The idea is that it will, in principle, be able to generate code for 
> any back end. (Once someone has written that back end, of course).
> The advantage of this is that the UI definition language only needs 
> to be learned once, and can be used for lots of languages and GUI
> toolkits (of which there are a lot around).

I like this idea; I wish you luck!



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