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>>>>> "TMGB" == TMGB  <bennettt at> writes:

    TMGB> In addition to Mr. Clarke's suggestion, seeing that
    TMGB> cool-looking is in the eye of the beholder I'll just suggest
    TMGB> an implementation you may want to look at.  If you are using
    TMGB> Linux 5.2 (I'm not sure about other versions) you may want

I assume you mean Red Hat 5.2?  You know, there *is* more to life than
just RH...  like Debian, for example <0.5 wink>.

I just had to clarify this (as a very satisfied Debian user since
release 1.2 (2.5 years ago))

Bye, J

PS: JAE's Pet Peeve #327: People losing sight of the fact that there
are other Linux distributions than their own.

PPS: This machine here runs potato (the unstable next release of
Debian).  Frankly, it seems more stable than some of the "stable"
releases of other distributions out there.  ;-)

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