More random python observations from a perl programmer

Tom Christiansen tchrist at
Thu Aug 19 16:24:35 EDT 1999

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In comp.lang.python, bwarsaw at (Barry A. Warsaw) writes:
:>>>>> "TC" == Tom Christiansen <tchrist at> writes:
:    TC> I only have the Lutz book.  I don't have manpages. :-(
:That's okay, I only have the first edition Programming Perl book :)

No biggie:  It's nearly all there as manpages. :-)

The Perl Cookbook, on the other hand, is not, although you can ftp all
its code examples and programs, just not its prose.  However, I do have
a policy of giving away Perl books to visitors who show up in Boulder.
I'm sure I could fix that then. :-) (I don't bring a stash to the Open
Source Conference, or I would then.)

Those who do not fight the demons within themselves are destined to fight them 
 outside themselves...

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