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>    Florian Weimer <fw at> writes:
>:Manpages are most useful for languages which do not support namespaces
>:(so you can hit `K' or `M-x man RET RET', and you get the right page).
>:Perl fits into this more than Python (which heavily uses methods on
>:builtin objects).  Unfortunately, `man exists' (or `perldoc exists')
>:doesn't work with my Perl installation either, 

>I really hate that.  You're right about perlfunc being insanely long.
>I've always argued against it, and there's a script in the distribution
>kid that *will* create things like /usr/local/perl/man/man3/exists.3,
>but I haven't managed to get my lobbying power worked up enough to push
>through to make that the default.

Maybe you will like a better info file viewer? Have a look at  Przemek Borys'
<pborys at> pinfo, a much better replacement for the official gnu
info viewer.  It will also read manpages and display them. Freshmeat has the

And I hate Emacs :-)

Just noted that you ought to love this guy's email address...

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