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Alexander Williams thantos at brimstone.mecha
Sat Aug 21 21:16:49 EDT 1999

On 21 Aug 1999 19:00:17 -0700, Tom Christiansen <tchrist at> wrote:
>to the collective you for such an unpleasant experience.    It's not
>the language.  It's the assholes.

I find this vaguely amusing, given the generally helpful and generous
attitude of cl.pythoneers in response to Tom's combative attitude;
this response is akin to going into a field, kicking visciously at an
ant bed, getting bitten a few times (and only so little because the
ants are lethargic) and then saying, "Hey, this kicking anthills
business would be fine if it weren't for the damn ants!"

If you want to use the language, Mr Christianson, use the language,
but don't try to make some moral argument of it.

(Why do I get the feeling he'll be going back to the Perl newsfroups
with the overblown, "Well, I /tried/ to extend a friendly hand, but
those damn ants just kept biting!"  Ants don't like the taste of boot,
in general.  Lesson for the learned.)

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