Python says bad magic number

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Tue Aug 10 15:47:26 CEST 1999


I am having trouble using python with database modules. I have a simple
script called "test" as follows:


import gdbm
db ='detail', 'r')
print "There are", len(db), "keys in the database"
for key in db.keys():
        print key, db[key]

I get errors if I run the script as follows:

#python test
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "test", line 4, in ?
    db ='/usr/src/radiusContext-1.54/temp/detail', 'r')
gdbm.error: Bad magic number

What does this mean? I am using Linux 2.0.36, libc 5.4.46, python
1.5.2, gdbm 1.8.0, db 1.85.4. The detail file is actually the logfile
produced by cistron radius program (it is in livingston format).

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