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Thu Aug 19 18:07:35 CEST 1999

Mark W. Schumann writes ..
>In article <37b62939 at cs.colorado.edu>,
>Tom Christiansen  <tchrist at mox.perl.com> wrote:
>>Gosh yes.  I think it was the rogue source that had something like:
>>    #define until(expr) while(!expr)
>>    #define otherwise   break; default:
>>I don't remember whether it also had these, but I have
>>seen them elsewhere:
>>    #define forever()  for(;;)
>>    #define unless(expr) if(!expr)
>I've seen
>#define ARBEGIN {
>#define AREND   }

in his section on Privacy in "Advanced Perl Programming" Sriram 
Srinivasan mentions (as a counterexample to syntactically enforced 
privacy) seeing the following in some C++ code just before a header file 
was included

  #define private public

there must be something wrong with me .. because I'd never thought of 

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