Import a lot of modules, or, import 'foo'

Thomas Bryan tbryan at
Tue Aug 3 14:20:33 CEST 1999

"T. C. Mits" wrote:

>     I see some great replies and extra info given on this NG.   Is someone
> moving this to a FAQ or resource or must one do searches all over the place
> for it?   If not is deja news the only way to search this NG?

As with most newsgroups, dejanews is the second place to look for info.
The FAQ is the first:

All PSA members can submit/modify FAQ entries online.  I don't know
how often people actually modify the FAQ, but I generally only do it
to add a *frequently* asked question.  Otherwise, I just let dejanews
archive the thread.  If you'd really like to modify the FAQ yourself, 
join the PSA!  The membership year starts Oct. 1.

Since the FAQ is searchable, should PSA members make an effort to add 
lots of entries to the FAQ?  I'm always torn between the "all the info
in one place" and "so much info in one place that people drown"
Does anyone have a good rule of thumb for Python FAQ?

Tom Bryan
Applied Research Laboratories
University of Texas at Austin

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