How to sell Python to your boss?

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>Brad Howes wrote:
>> Petri Mikael Kuittinen <eye at> writes:
>> > For several months I have tried to get my colleagues excited to learn
>> > Python, but so far nobody has been interested to learn new languages,
>> > except for some mild interest towards Java (which is IMHO an
>> > overly-hyped language).
>Don't sell it. Just go ahead and do it. If your get an assignment you
>can complete more or less on your own, and you're not stuck into a pile
>of legacy code, just do it. Only tell the boss if he asks. No matter if
Sometimes Python is a good answer when one *is* stuck
with "a pile of legacy code".  That is, Python is quite
adept at "gluing", or "wrapping".  When you find your-
self with an intractable application that needs updating,
one of your first reactions should be, "What would happen
if I could access some of this functionality through a
Python interface?"

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