Why do we call python a scripting language?

Gerhard W. Gruber g.gruber at xsoft.co.at
Mon Aug 30 03:13:29 EDT 1999

Alexei Boukirev wrote:

> One more explanation of 'scripting' language could be that any program
> written in it requires some environment to run in which is not simply a
> language interpreter but more like a complete usable application itself.

My definition for "scripting" is rather simple. A script is a
substituion for a commandline. When I write a unix shell script I can
execute the same commands in the same order on the commandline and it
will do the same. Python can do the same, but Python is usually not used
in that way. It rather is used (I guess) more like a programming
language. That it is, you write code, test it and if it is satisfying
you use it. Scripting is more similar to working directly on the
commandline to me. Therefore in my opinion python is a programming
language and not a script.
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