Grid (possible scrollable) in Tkinter?

Per Kistler kistler at
Mon Aug 30 18:02:54 EDT 1999

> I'm looking for something like a grid in Tkinter... actually I do not want to
> borrow one from existing libraries, but build one myself from Tkinter pieces,
> if possible. Is this a reasonable thought? :) Would I be able to make the grid
> scrollable (easily)?

Gridding is already there. If a grid complex should scroll, one
might put it into a window embeded in a canvas.

I agree that for oneself, one needs to build a lot of convienent
classes, which do, what one for oneself expects them to do,
like all the scroll variations and toplevel things, but also
for non graphic things.

Per Kistler kistler at / kistler at

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