carpe linguam

Tom Christiansen tchrist at
Sat Aug 21 22:00:17 EDT 1999

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In comp.lang.python, 
    Tim Jarman <tim.jarman at> writes:
:Of course, having studied Latin, then Spanish, Italian and <WRAP>
:Portuguese are trivial... and partially explains the misquotation <WRAP>
:of Horace in the title of this post.

It was a joke.

But the invective has turned me from this project.  I wanted to learn
Python, and I wanted to get Perl programmers to learn it.  I can see
that the viciousness of assholes (not you) is the same here as elsewhere,
and I'll return now to my previous condition and residence.  Thanks
to the collective you for such an unpleasant experience.    It's not
the language.  It's the assholes.


#define SVs_RMG   0x00008000  /* has random magical methods */
    --Larry Wall, from sv.h in the v5.0 perl distribution

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