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Michael W. Ryan mryan at
Mon Aug 2 14:00:02 EDT 1999

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 18:05:20 GMT, Joel Gould <joelg at> wrote:

>I would like to use Python for CGI scripts.  I am going to ask my ISP
>to install Python (they run an NT server with IIS), but what database
>package should I use?  Specifically, what should I tell my ISP to
>install so I can use a (simple) database from my CGI scripts?

The Win32 distribution (I believe) comes with a dbm implementation.  The
dbm family of flat file databases are good for lightweight file-server
databases, and are the database type used by shelve.

>Also, do I have to worry about thread safety?  In other words, can
>multiple requests come into the web server causing multiply copies of
>my Python scripts to be run concurrently?  Does this impact the
>database selection?

I'm not sure how dbms handle file locking on the database files, but I
think you have to handle it on your own.  Generally, CGI invokes a
separate Python interpreter process for each CGI request.

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